The Picklery – Retail Shop

    Available in 420g –
    • ‘Old School’ Pickled Onions
    • ‘Outrageous’ Chilli & Honey Flavoured Pickled Onions
    • ‘Quirky’ Gherkins (whole or table gherkins)
    • “Delectably Dill’ Cross Sliced Gherkins
    • ‘Ready to Rage’ Gherkin Relish (400g) – best seller, famous for its tangy punch and strong gherkin flavour, complemented with herbs & spices.
    Available in 1kg –
    • Pickled Onions • Chilli & Honey Flavoured Pickled onions
    • Pickled Gherkins (whole or table gherkins)
    • Cross Sliced or Crinkle Cut Gherkins
    • Long Sliced Gherkins
    • The OG (Original Gordon’s) Dill Stacker OR Dill Pickle (Fresh & tangy, these crisp, American Style long sliced or whole pickles, have a well pronounced dill hit, balanced with garlic and a range of 100% all-natural spices. NO ADDED SUGAR OR ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER.
    Also available –
    • ‘Pickle your Own’ peeled pickling onions (10kg pails, 7kg net product)
    • ‘Pickle your Own’ whole gherkins (10kg pails, 7kg net product)
    Other Information
    • 1 year shelf life Refrigeration recommended once opened.
    • All with tamper evident and securely sealed lids
    • ‘The Picklery – Retail Shop’ is situated at 1 Timothy Place on the corner of Sonter Road and Timothy Place, Wigram, Christchurch.
    • Our hours can vary.  Please check our Facebook page for current hours, updates & specials, or phone us on (03) 3480 223. Off-street parking is available with easy access for all visitors. Eftpos onsite (No Credit / Paywave)